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‘Blackwater Lane’ Trailer Promises Supernatural Thrills with Minka Kelly and Dermot Mulroney

Blackwater Lane Trailer Launch: Blackwater Lane, which is a much awaited supernatural movie has just put out its gripping trailer that gives audiences a chilling flavor of what to expect from this dark movie. Minka Kelly and Dermot Mulroney are starring in it, with promises that every viewer will be creeped out.

Lionsgate Movies

The trailer serves as an introduction for a disturbingly suspenseful trip through the ghostly world that drives Blackwater Lane. With their combined acting talent, Kelly and Mulroney make the movie an unforgettable experience full of tension.

It is one among several recent supernatural thrillers like Blackwater Lane. The film’s trailer hints at exploring themes of enigma, uncertainty and suspense which ensure it appeals to any enthusiast of this genre.

In Almost Human and Friday Night Lights she has starred in, Minka Kelly bring her trademark intensity while his vast experience in dramas and thrillers give Dermon Mulroney depth and seriousness to the cast. The preview gives only short previews but there is already strong chemistry between Mulroney and Kelly.

Photo by Liongate

When this preview was released there was great talk among horror fans as well as those who love thrillers, all waiting for when the real film will be released. In the field of supernatural thriller genre Blackwater Lane looks set to become one of such outstanding examples plus its trailer has even raised more anticipation.

Blackwater Lane is definitely a film for anyone who seeks pleasure in getting frightened by horror films or enjoying anything about ghosts. It has got something really interesting with respect to a plot that appears complex, creepy atmospheric settings and great casting. However, fans should brace themselves because they will have wait until release date but at least they have been given small bits concerning what lies ahead courtesy of this trailer

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