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Kelly Clarkson’s Weight Loss Transformation: How She Did It

Kelly Clarkson’s Weight Loss: Lately, Kelly Clarkson, the beloved singer and television talk show presenter has often hit the headlines as a result of her dramatic weight loss. In a recent interview on “The Kelly Clarkson Show”, she had a talk with Whoopi Goldberg who was interested in knowing how she achieved her newly gained look.

Furthermore, Kelly Clarkson said that she used to take a drug for weight reduction like Ozempic but not actually it though. Another medication for involving sugar metabolism and control of body weight was what the Grammy award winner suggested since she confirmed the use of one other prescription medication instead.

Clarkson’s health is among those factors which motivated her to begin taking medications for obesity treatment. This is because, on top of being prediabetic, she confessed suffering from an underactive thyroid which made her turn to physicians for guidance. The starlet felt uncomfortable in using this medicine due to some thyroid-related misgivings but eventually followed her doctor’s advice as well as integrated it into his weight loss strategy.

kelly clarkson weight loss
Source: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

Alongside medication, Kelly Clarkson pointed out that there were vital changes in terms of eating habits and lifestyle; this was emphasized numerous times by the actress. One such example though was when he adopted an active lifestyle and started consuming healthier food besides even moving to New York City where according to him can be attributed part of his overall wellness plus success in losing some kilograms.

Her fans are happy that Kelly Clarkson came out openly about her weight loss path while some celebrities also commended her efforts towards transparency concerning achievement or failures made during these critical moments.

In today’s society where most people shy away from talking about weight loss issues publicly, Kelly Clarksons decision to come out serves as a motivation for people with similar health problems or concerns regarding their weights status. What she seems to have mean however is that anyone can achieve better health if they get medical help along with making several changes in life and willingnes

Therefore, as we witness Kelly Clarkson succeed both career-wise and at personal level, it is worth noting that she prioritizes her wellbeing and self-care. In this regard, her narrative shows how someone can take charge of his or her wellbeing on a broader scale; this becomes possible once one decides to follow the well-being approach of life.

Source: ABCNews

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