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Jennifer Lopez Explores New Homes in Beverly Hills Without Ben Affleck

In a recent encounter, global icon Jennifer Lopez was seen in Beverly Hills looking at houses accompanied by her long-time producing partner Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas. The two of them were seen leaving an upscale property in the region leading to speculations about Lopez’s possible new abode. Notably, her husband Ben Affleck was conspicuously missing, which leads one to wonder why she was doing it alone.

This is surprising since last year, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck bought a $60 million home in Beverly Hills. In May 2023, the couple officially moved into this expansive house after a lengthy purchasing process that began in 2022. Following this recent purchase, Lopez’s current house hunting without Affleck has left many people confused about what she wants.

On this matter, it is worth noting that Jennifer Lopez has before been seen without Ben publically when she attended the Met Gala unaccompanied so far as reports would have it because he was working on another film project. Having rekindled their romance during the pandemic, the couple’s relationship has been under scrutiny ever since they tied the knot last year. They are navigating life together with their blended family that includes twins sired by lopez alongside afflecks three children from previous relationships.

Photo by JustJared

The reason behind her latest episode of house searching is shrouded with mystery as some speculate whether she is scouting properties for others or she just has personal preferences; Fanatics await eagerly further developments after no indication of ben affleck having joined his wife for an exploration of prospective new residences that encouraged speculation about couples’ real estate ideas.

Watch this space for more updates on Jennifer Lopez’s house hunting journey in Beverly Hills as we follow her story.

Source: TMZ

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