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Australian Surfers Murdered in Mexico: Suspect Confessed, Court Hears

Australian Surfers Murdered in Mexico: A court hearing has been told that three tourists, including two Australian surfers, were killed in Mexico while on a surfing trip. The bodies of Australian brothers Jake and Callum Robinson along with their American friend Jack Carter Rhoad were found dumped in a well after disappearing on April 27th near Ensenada.

A suspect only known as Jesús Gerardo according to Mexican law has been charged with kidnapping in relation to the missing people. However, prosecutors say he admitted to having carried out the killings when he appeared before the court on Wednesday.

Confession and Charges

Jesús Gerardo, also called “El Kekas,” was brought to court over the charge of kidnapping. They will be charged with murder later according to authorities.  Prosecutors claim that shortly after his disappearance Gerardo confessed to his girlfriend Ari Gisel that “he had killed three gringos.”  She is said have noticed new tires on her car that she claims were stolen from their car by her boyfriend whom she mentioned murdered three Americans.

Investigation and Victim Identification

Authorities in Baja California believe these three men who are all aged early thirties may have died resisting theft of truck tires. Their dead bodies were discovered six days after they went missing in a cliff side well each with one bullet wound through the head.  It is important to note however that this well contained four bodies one not related to the case.

The parents of the Robinson boys went all the way from Perth, Australia after which they identified their kids’ bodies in Mexico. In her statement Debra Robinson mourned saying “Now it’s time to bring them home to family and friends and the ocean waves in Australia.”

Community Outrage and Tourist Concerns

These murders have caused panic and anger among Baja California whose reputation for drug cartels is notorious for violence. This crime has shaken Ensenada which is known for its surfing and usually thought of a safe area for tourists because it is situated near the US border.

After the tragedy, protestors marched through the town carrying banners with slogans demanding secure beaches. Also, there was an ocean ceremony organized by surfers referred to as “paddle out” in memory of those who had died.

This case shows that even some popular tourist places in Mexico can be dangerous.

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