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Breaking: Tornadoes Strike Tennessee, 3 Dead – More Storms Expected

3 dead from severe storms tornadoes in Tennessee: Relentless storm system rampages across United States- At least three people have lost their lives. The Eastern US experienced severe weather consisting of intense rain, wind, hail and tornadoes that started on Wednesday after two days battering the Midwest; it resulted in fatalities and left a trail of destruction in Tennessee and North Carolina.

Storms Follow Tornadoes That Devastated Michigan

However, these storms came on the heels of widespread damage caused by tornadoes in Michigan on Tuesday. Even as at Thursday morning yesterday, the National Weather Service (NWS) warned that there is still danger because parts of the East Coast are under tornado warning.

Tennessee and North Carolina Struck by Deadly Storms

One death from a storm was confirmed by officials in Gaston County which is west Charlotte and bore the brunt of Wednesday’s storm system while Claiborne County reported another fatality even as some more severe weather could be anticipated throughout tonight  however an official reports says yet another person had been killed when a tree fell onto a vehicle during this morning’s storm.

But most significant havoc occurred south of Nashville in Maury County. A big, destructive tornado tore through Spring Hill area with debris flying around while numerous homes sustained significant damage. Sadly though one person died making it appear like it was going to spread further having happened at Columbia when Maury Regional Health verified about the fatality.

Other people were injured too according to Ms. Rita Thompson who is a hospital spokesperson; she said three patients were being treated for non-life-threatening injuries but one more was still in serious condition. Pat Woodmansee, assistant director at Maury County Emergency Management Agency reported that many homes were damaged and people trapped inside them.

Thursdays Closure Of Maury County Schools due to Severe Storms- School Closures Also Occur In Nashville Area Due To Flooding And Severe Weather

However, school closures were not only witnessed within Maury County because of the storm’s fierceness as Nashville area suffered from floods and severe weather. According to the National Weather Service (NWS), the city of Huntsville in Alabama experienced downed trees and power lines from multiple storms that moved through the region. A tornado was confirmed in Huntsville on Wednesday night, adding to total destruction.

Moreover, Athens – Alabama experienced large hail and roads that were washed out by flooding. The local fire marshal responded to a potential building fire when a power line fell.

Ongoing Threats And Widespread Power Outages

However, as the storm system moves eastwards there have been several tornado warnings issued for central and southern US. On early hours of Thursday morning there were still warnings over Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia. reports that numerous residents are without power due to this storm in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia and Missouri with 200000 customers being affected as at this morning.

Many Flash Flood Warnings Issued

Residents of parts of Tennessee and Missouri faced flash flood warnings after incessant rain caused by the storm system. In addition forecasters say flooding has already occurred in places like Cole Camp and Lincoln in Missouri which include areas such as creeks or streams as well as highways among others situated on low-lying areas where it can spread further into.

The subsequent hours will be a critical time for residents in these areas, as they prepare for more severe weather. Anybody within any tornado warning is called upon to get to safety immediately upon receiving the warning. Also, one must keep an eye on the latest updates on weather patterns and take all advice from local leaders seriously.

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