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Samsung Galaxy S25: Rumors Swirl Around Potential Design Changes and Performance Upgrades

Samsung Galaxy S25 series by Samsung is about to be released, and rumors have started coming up showing what we can expect from the upcoming flagship smartphones. Some interesting information concerning designs and performance improvements of Samsung Galaxy S25 line ups were obtained from industry insiders and leakers although there are no official details.

Redesigning the Device and Bigger Screen Sizes

As per a report posted by Revegnus on his twitter handle, Ilwhan Lee, MX division Design Team Leader who used to work at Mercedes Benz may be involved in the updated design of the Samsung Galaxy S25 range. Apparently, this suggests that Samsung could go for an enormous visual change in order to make sure that the S25 looks different from any other models before it.

Additionally, Yeux1122, a Korean leaker claims that the Samsung Galaxy S25’s screen will grow slightly bigger from 6.2 inches in the Galaxy S24 to around 6.36 inches. This also matches with rumors of increased display sizes on the iPhone 16 Pro soon to be launched suggesting that producers of these mobile phones are now looking towards giving users more realistic screen experience.

Expectations on Performance

Samsung flagship S series should deliver highest possible level of performance since it is their main line. However, though there has been no confirmation regarding chipset specs a recent leak by Business Korea argues that Samsung is thinking of producing a 3nm Exynos chip for use in Samsung Galaxy S25 series phones. This new generation chipset Exynos 2500 going to be more energy efficient as well as expectedly to prevail against Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 which is still being awaited.

Camera Improvements and Alterations

The biggest rumor surrounding Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra is all about camera though it has not been confirmed yet. According to leaker @ISAQUES81, Samsung is prototyping a Galaxy S25 Ultra with three rear cameras that is different from the quad-camera arrangement of Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. The primary camera should remain at 200MP, but it will have a higher sensitivity for better quality images.

However, there might be no dedicated 3x zoom camera on Galaxy S25 Ultra; instead, we can expect one telephoto camera with two optical focal lengths of 4-5x and 6-7x[4]. This may disappoint some users but on the other hand could provide more flexible zoom capabilities.

Release Date and Pricing

Samsung’s Galaxy S series phone usually comes out in the first half of each year. With the release of Samsung Galaxy S24 in January 2024, we are likely to see the arrival of Samsung Galaxy S25 and its sibling S25+ around January or February 2025.

As for pricing, official details are yet to be revealed. However, looking over at latest phone price trends we can anticipate Samsung’s new series being priced about as high as last year’s model, i.e., starting from $799.99 for an entry level device.

In summary, while the official unveiling date for Samsung Galaxy S25 series lies months ahead of us today rumors and leaks hint that this tech giant is determined to make considerable changes concerning design patterns as well as performance and camerawork features on its top range smartphones ever made. It is important to remember that these rumors are not yet confirmed until Samsung confirms them. Keep watching out for further updates towards the grand launch date of most awaited Samsung’s next flagship phones; Galaxy S25 family coming your way soon!

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